del mar data systems has been providing software solutions since 1985. the company's success is built upon its flagship del mar accounting, payroll, and shop management software products which are mature, full featured, industrial strength, network ready and can be tailored to fit your exact business needs.

del mar data systems now offers php/mysql programming services. the php programming / mysql database combination is one of the the most popular methods of web development available.

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cloud computing is the technology of the future. cloud computing utilizes the web to process transactions and store data instead a local computer network. the applications and information you need are not confined to your company’s hard drive or an internal network; they are stored on servers in a cloud-computing data center, or “in the cloud.”

use of the internet to access a bank account, pay a bill on-line, or chat with friends on twitter or facebook are all examples of cloud computing. a shop owner, its employees, and its clients can access the cloud anywhere in the world via the web.

a cloud based shop management system offers superior function, performance, and cost savings over old legacy server based systems. in a cloud based system all access is performed through a web browser and there is no expensive network server to on the link below for a detailed overview of a shop using the cloud to manage their shop.
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del mar data systems has completed a web based customer followup module. this allows users of del mar manufacturing software the ability to provide their clients with a web based, on-line order scheduling and shipment information portal. there is also a link to the common shipping companies for shipment tracking purposes. customers simply log into the del mar client's web site, click on the followup link, and track order status from receipt through final shipment.